Chicken Soup for the Soul: Find Your Happiness

101 Inspirational Stories about Finding Your Purpose, Passion, and Joy


Jack Canfield

Mark Victor Hansen

Amy Newmark


Foreword by Deborah Norville



Some people pursue happiness, others create it.

~Margaret Bowen


We’re all familiar with our constitutional right to pursue happiness. As a child, I recall more than once telling my not-at-all-amused mother that I was “pursuing my right to happiness” when I made a particularly large mess. She very cleverly informed me that if I wanted to enjoy life or liberty, I would clean it right up too! Who doesn’t want to be happy? Not only does being happy beat the alternative, happiness has some pretty attractive benefits. Research has found being happy adds about nine years to your life!

Chances are you picked up this book in hopes of reading some stories that can help brighten your own day or put you on a new path that’s got a bit more joy or a little more laughter than the road you currently travel. Inside this book are 101 stories specifically chosen to show you there are many roads to happiness. After you read these stories, you’ll be much better equipped to find the path -- and the destination -- that’s right for you.

Some people pursue happiness, others create it. Take a look at Margaret Bowen’s quote and ask yourself, “Who’s more likely to be happy? The person chasing, or the one creating?” If you need a hint, you may find a clue in these words by Henry David Thoreau that I had on a poster on my wall during high school and college: