STONY BROOK, N.Y. - If you're nervous about the economy, think about all the college students with massive loans as they get ready to graduate and look for a job.

Megan McCarthy, a student at Stony Brook University on Long Island, is graduating in two weeks.

"It's kind of daunting to think about," McCarthy said. "It's one of those things where you have to hope that things are going to pick up soon enough and you'll find something."

Megan and others getting ready to graduate listened to career counselors Wednesday discuss navigating the job market in the current economic crisis.

The talk made David Renard feel a little more optimistic, since a large number of people are expected to retire soon.

"After the presentation of the facts and numbers," Renard explained, "the baby boomers are out and our generation is in."

In fact, just because things look bleak, there are opportunities out there if you open your eyes.

"We know IT professionals are still needed in all industries not just hi-tech industries," said Marianna Savoca, director of the Career Center at Stony Brook University. "We know that the federal government is continuing to hire because of demographic changes."

Education and jobs in health care are still very much in demand but as expected, financing and banking not so much.

So, what do you do if you spent the last four years as a finance major?

"You can be a financial analyst in health care or you can work at a university," Savoca suggested.

With a push to go green there are expectations that green energy jobs will open up.

Career counselors say they're just not seeing the job listings yet, but the experts say those interested in those fields shouldn't wait around.