PIX11 News has been following a desperate situation in the Bronx, where hundreds of residents still have no gas or hot water.

"It's been 12 days. I pay my rent. These friggen people," yelled Luz Gonzalez, a long-time resident of 1374 Townsend Avenue.

PIX11 News called city agencies, building management and Con Edison to put the pressure on.

"They keep saying tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. How about today? Stop talking and do it already," complained Gonzalez, now joined with dozens of other angry tenants, who are now threatening to march to the management's office on Tuesday.

Management at the building, Mount Hope Corp., told PIX11 News that they have finished their plumbing work and the rest is now in the hands of the City.

"The plumber, Du-All Plumbing & Heating, has indicated that repairs will be completed by tomorrow, at which time the Department is scheduled to perform an inspection. The Department is working with the plumber and other City agencies to ensure that repairs and inspections take place as expeditiously as possible," said a spokesperson for the City's Buildings Department.

Stay tuned... PIX11 News will be out in the Bronx again, putting pressure on City leaders, until their gas is restored.