Workers at the Bronx Zoo Reptile House are still on the hunt for the deadly adolescent cobra that disappeared from its enclosure last Friday.

They have now resorted to baiting traps with live mice, the New York Post reported Wednesday.

“Sweeping searches continue on a daily basis,” said Bronx Zoo Director Jim Breheny in a statement. “The holding areas of the Reptile House are extremely complex environments with pumps, motors and other mechanical systems. In this complex environment, she will likely remain in hiding and not move until she feels completely secure.”

Breheny added that this may take not just days, but possibly even weeks.

Meanwhile, someone with the Twitter handle @bronxzooscobra  is giving regular updates on the venomous creature’s movements and ruminations.

Time Magazine has also added the cobra to its top ten list of escaped zoo animals, currently at number 6.  It placed just ahead of Leona the Penguin, who wandered out of her enclosure in a German Zoo and entered the lion’s den (the lions were all asleep at the time). 

The cobra finished just behind Ken the Orangutan, a beloved escape artist from the San Diego Zoo who was so good at breaking out that zoo officials went undercover as tourists to understand how the “hairy Houdini” did what he so loved to do.