"Bodies…The Exhibition" is typically a big draw on Sundays. On this Sunday, even more people than usual showed up at the South Street Seaport attraction because of a little boy in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant.

The Gift of Life Foundation held a bone marrow drive in front of the exhibit for Ezra Fineman of Fair Lawn, New Jersey. The 3-year old boy suffers from Hyper IgM syndrome which prevents his body from producing the antibodies needed to fight off infections.

"His immune system doesn't work properly, so it needs to be replaced with a healthy immune system through a bone marrow transplant. He needs to find a genetically suitable match. Nobody in his family matched," said Ruth Miller of Gift of Life.

Seaport visitors volunteered saliva samples in search of a match.

"The 'Bodies' exhibit is a good venue for the bone marrow drive because we get such a diverse group of people from all over the world. Even if we can't find an exact match for Ezra, we might be able to find a match for other people," said Brian Mastel, general manager of the exhibition.

Anyone interested can also order a kit by going to Gift of Life's website (www.giftoflife.org) or contribute money to help pay for others to be tested.