A Boston woman is still shaking her head trying to understand why an airport security agent confiscated the cupcakes she was carrying.

Referring to the incident as  “The Cupcake terror threat,” Rebecca Hains claimed, “They stole my cupcakes. Maybe he was hungry.”  She said when she took a flight from Boston to Las Vegas, she carried similar cupcakes that sailed through security without a hitch.  But when she encountered a Transporation Security Administration agent in the gambling city on her return trip, he snatched the cupcakes packaged in a mason jar because he considered them to be a threat to security. The agent told her the frosting on the cupcake qualified as a liquid-like gel and wasn’t allowed on the plane.

The TSA prohibits many items from being carried onboard, including food items like creamy dips and spreads, jams, jellies, gravy and cranberry sauce, but in my examination of the TSA website, nowhere could I find a ban on cupcakes.  The only wicked about these cupcakes is the name of the bakery they came from: Wicked Good Cupcakes. Bakers there insisted there was nothing threatening about their delectable delights.  Tracey Noonan, quipped “a diet threat maybe,” and insisted, “it’s just cake, filling and frosting.”

Airport security agents cannot be too vigilant these days. They remember all too well how extremists hid explosives aboard planes in past years.  There was the would-be bomber who placed explosives in his underwear two years ago, and another who tried to ignite explosives in his shoe back in 2001.

Security Analyst Ryan Mauro told PIX 11 News “never has there been a threat involving a cupcake or it’s frosting.” He expressed the belief that the TSA agent in this case “overreacted.”  Passengers I spoke to at LaGuardia Airport said they found the incident amusing, but not objectionable. They praised TSA agents “for doing their jobs.”

Rebecca Hains would like an explanation from the TSA. Of the incident, she said, “It’s not really about safety. It’s about making people follow rules that really to the average traveler seems arbitrary, and are encroaching on our civil liberties. The TSA says generally cakes and pies are allowed in carry-on luggage and promised to look into this case.