NEWARK, N.J. - Despite her personal doctor calling ahead to alert the emergency room at St. Michael's Medical Center in Newark, 99-year-old Bessie Ferguson was reportedly made to wait more than six hours before receiving vital medical care that could have saved her life.

Her loved ones say she was even left sitting in a pool of her own urine for hours.

Ferguson had an acute stroke last June. When she was finally seen at the hospital her family says she was partially paralyzed from the stroke and couldn't speak or swallow. After being seen she was eventually transferred to Kessler Institute for rehabilitation, where she developed pneumonia and died two months later.

"My prayers are with the family right now, but most important to me is that we get to the bottom of what happened and prevent it from happening again," said Newark Mayor Corey Booker.  "It's unacceptable to me that anybody who is in urgent need of care would have to wait for it."

The Ferguson family blames the hospital for not getting her the proper care fast enough and, while the incident occurred in June, they only recently turned to the press to call attention to the plight of their beloved family matriarch.

The hospital has a different story. In a statement it claims Ferguson was evaluated and treated in a timely and appropriate fashion.

However, that doesn't sit well with Ferguson's family or even the Mayor of Newark who wants a full investigation.

Booker says New Jersey hospitals are in critical condition, with Newark recently having  to close two.

In its part, St. Michaels extended it's sympathy to the family of Bessie Ferguson, who nearly made the century mark, dying just weeks before her 100th birthday.