Marching Position: 7

Organization: Duffy String Band

Captain: Ted Kudrick

Theme Title: Animal Crackers

Theme Concept: A Circus Theme. There are no people involved in the theme instead the animals that come in a animal cracker box come together to perform. The Captain portrays the Ringmaster/Lion with Tigers, Monkeys, Bears, Zebras and Elephants. the vendor/side show is ran by a rhino, gorilla, hippo, leopard, kangaroo, and giraffe. All the animals portrayed come from cracker box.

Presentation / Production / Props: This is the day the Animals take over and run the circus. All the animals that are portrayed in circus theme all come from the animal crackers box. The Elephants form at center stage and two giant animal cracker boxes stage right and left. "The prelude to "Greatest Show on Earth" sounds as the elephants open center stage to present the Captain our Ringmaster/Lion. The ringmaster moves forward at the same time the cracker boxes open. "Talk to the Animals" brings tigers, monkeys and polar bears together with the captain to present the band. "Tiger Rag" move the scene to the Tiger Cage as the Ringmaster tries to tame a few of the tigers as the other animals perform. The tigers escape from the cage and follow the ring master to center stage. The elephants close in rear and reopen the scene to the Circus Midway with entrance and banners of other performers. The band performs to "Too Much Mustard" "Thunder and Blazes" sets up the captain to lead the polar bears from center stage rear to the front to show off their stuff. "Baby Elephant Walk" gives you a close look at the Elephants with their 11 foot high backpiece and of course you need a baby elephant to go with the song. The captain dances along with the elephants pack and the littliest baby elephant. A percussion piece gives the monkeys their time to shine with a bouncing ball routine. The zebras come right and left stage to form a march and zebra routnine to "Billboard March." Before the finale the elephants open once move to "Loveliest Night of the Year" to present a high wire act under the big top. The big top opens and a giant calliope headed by our ringmaster comes forward with his Zebra Marching Band. The ringmaster leads the marching band forward as the band sets up for a high energy three ring finale to "Join the Circus" with our calliope director providing backdrop and a confetti show.

Music Selections: We start off with the "Greatest Show on Earth" into "Talk to the Animals." The tigers take over the show with "Tiger Rag" and "Hold that Tiger." The band moves with a backdrop filled a vendor/side show of animals at the circus playing "Too Much Mustard." "Thunder and Blazes" presents our captain again dancing with the polar bears and the captain stays center stage to dance with the elephants to a swng beat of "Baby Elephant Walk." We move into a monkey bouncy ball rountine were the tigers, polar bears, and elephants play a back beat and the percussion ection has a solo rock beat performance. The monkeys rejoin us while the zebra marching band suits apear as the band plays, "Billboard March" We set for our finale with a circus feel song of "Under the Big Top," but for a short time we slow down into 3/4 time waltz of "Loveliest night of the year." And our finale is a lively song of "Join the Circus" when the tigers, monkeys, and polar bears are in the three ring circus.

Costume / Makeup: ELEPHANTS: Purple velvet, gold lamay and fuchsia bengaline trimmed with jewels and hot pink pom poms make up the full length jacket. The bib represents the drape worn in the grand parade. It is made up of white and fuchsia bengaline accented with gold lamay and purple sequins. A jester type hat and mask are added to give a festive look. The 11 foot tall back pieces represent the elephants. They are surrounded with over 200 ostrich plumes accented with fuchsia and gold fans on the front and rear. The rear is finished with a purple velvet center trimmed in gold sequins, mirrors and jewels. The centerpiece of the backpiece is the giant elephant head in gold lame, trimmed in velvet and gold sequins. A baby elephant in dressed in dark gray fur with a pink tutu. TIGERS; A blend of tiger fur, green bengaline, fuchsia and black sequins make up the body suit. It is topped off with a flared collar of fur, green bengaline, gold, black and fuchsia sequins, hot pink poms and accented with orange, black and green feathers. Fur feet and hands are added to the look. A three pointed hat trimmed similarly completes the costume. MONKEYS: - Brown fur, liquid gold lamay and sequins make up the body suit. The collar is finished in fur, bengaline and sequins. The cuffs and tips of the collar is trimmed in feathers. A fez hat trimmed in blue bengaline and blue pom poms completes the costume. The feathers off the collar and arm cuffs are blue, purple, and yellow. BEARS: Teal fishscale sequin material, trimmed in fuchsia sequins and white pom poms make up the body suit. The suit it topped off with a napoleon type hat of teal fishscale, white poms, sequins and fuschia, blue and white feathers. ZEBRAS: Red fishscale sequin material, trimmed in gold make up the marching band zebras. The hat is a zebra head trimmed in white, gold and black sequins accented with white and black turkey feathers. Leopard: Our mascot of the band is dressed a leopard this year. He is dressed a head to toe white leopard costume with a leopard face painted on him. CAPTAIN: The captain hat is a top hat filled with feathers. His face and hair is the lion's face and mane. The jacket is a red fisscahle hologram jacket with white bengaline pants outlined in blue, black, and gold hologram sequins. Also, his boots and shoes are covered in black patent leather with fur strips. The lapels are black fur strips. MAKEUP; Each animal has been carefully made up to represent each of the animals portrayed. The Tigers, Monkeys and Bears have a collared backpiece made up of the same materials as the suits, trimmed in sequins and topped with white turkey feathers and gold sprays. All the bands shoes and hands have been covered with fur materials to match each suit.