Many people are unaware of the ins and outs of infertility. With infertility affecting 6.1 million people, it's extremely important to be educated.

Reproductive endocrinologist of the Fertility Centers of Illinois Dr. Meike Uhler says the need for fertility awareness and education is critical because if couples better understand fertility they can increase their opportunities for success. 

One in six couples are directly affected to infertility, but according to a survey conducted by the Fertility Centers of Illinois, a large amount of those couples aren't even aware of infertility issues.

Here are the exact survey findings:

  • 72.9 % did not know infertility affects 6.1 million people in the U.S.
  • 81.8 % did not know 1 in 6 couples are affected by infertility
  • 84.8 % did not know a woman has 400,000 eggs at puberty
  • 32.5 % did not know infertility under 35 is defined as a couple who has been trying for 1 year
  • 44.5 % did not know infertility over 35 is defined as a couple who has been trying for 6 months
  • 29.6 % did not know a couple has a 20-25% chance of conception in any given month
  • 46 % did not know that 50% of couples become pregnant after 6 months
  • 28.1 % were not aware fertility declines rapidly for a woman after 35
  • 37.1 % did not know ovulatory disorders are the most common cause of female infertility
  • 68.4 % did not know that men and women experience infertility issues equally

Infertility Awareness Week is April 22-28, so if you are unaware of the prevalence of infertility or unclear on the definition of infertility as it relates to age, gender and cause, make sure to learn more. 

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