Here are some of the best touch screen gadgets on the market:

Touch Screen Video Camera: Flip SlideHD
The Flip Family has come out with several popular video-recording items, and just recently they released something that is bound to get touch-screen fans excited. The Flip SlideHD is the first Flip video camera that stores video, photos and other content, and it's also the first Flip to use real-time video sharing on a 3" wide touch screen. The sliding design makes it easy to use, much like many sliding cell phones. It's ideal for a quick capture for video enthusiasts on the go. Read more on the Flip SlideHD Website.

Touch Screen Laptop/Netbook: Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t 0651
At a starting price of $549, the IdeaPad S10-3t could also be seen as competition for Apple's iPad, which has a similar size screen and comparable pricing. It's tempting to make the comparison, especially since the S10-3t has more ports than the iPad does, plays Flash, uses a PC operating system, and has a full keyboard. On the other hand, the S10-3t has laggy performance at times and a thickness that could keep it from being a definitive iPad killer. Our review unit, which costs $649, also bears interest because it's one of the first Netbooks to include the new Atom N470, a slightly faster version of the N450 we've seen in 2010 Atom Netbooks. Read more about the Lenovo IdeaPad on CNET.

Touch Screen Tablet: Apple iPad
According to Apple, the iPad is the superior choice for a touch tablet because all the apps were designed from the ground up to take advantage of its large touch screen. While the touch screen is its more prominent feature, the iPad does lack certain features that are standard on most other Netbooks or Tablets, such as USB ports, Flash compatibility and a protected surface (folding laptops). Read more about the iPad on Apple's Website.

Touch Screen TV Remote: Logitech Harmony Tablet-style, touch-screen, universal remote that controls 15 devices; controls components via infrared or RF (for an extra charge); includes rechargeable battery and docking station; Web-programmable and compatible with Windows and Macintosh PCs via simple, straightforward software wizard; less expensive than competing tablet models; faster response time and improved operation versus Harmony 1000. The downside? It's a pricey device just to turn on all your electronics. More on the Logitech Harmony remote control from CNET