We've returned from Haiti but the work continues here in Chicagoland. Saturday, Adam and I had the opportunity to cover Living Water International's First Annual Walk for Water, which stepped off from Parkview Community Church in Glen Ellyn. 
  About a hundred participants walked through the western suburbs carrying containers similar to the ones women and children carry in Haiti and the rest of the developing world, yet much lighter than the 50 lb jerry cans they actually use. We in America just aren't that tough. Walkers trekked to an open water source in their community (a pond), collected water, and walked back to their starting point to better comprehend the water crisis and to raise community awareness of what millions of people do daily. 

Watch the story of how these globally-minded suburban residents are making a difference in a worldwide health crisis. Haiti is a country we experienced first hand last month, but this group's efforts will aid well construction in Central America, a region plagued by the similar problems.
One in eight people in the world lack access to clean water, and one in three don't have adequate sanitation. They walk an average of six kilometers every day to collect water, often from unclean sources. Thanks to those who "walked for water" this weekend who hope to make that walk a little shorter and a little safer.
If you want to get involved, please head to water.cc/chicago

The folks at Living Water International hope to build another well in Haiti through the sole support of Chicagoland residents. They'll call it "The Chicago Well." If we could do it, you certainly could too. Sign up and make a difference now!