Last week on the WGN News at Five, we shared Facebook's report of the most-shared stories of 2011.

Now it's Twitter's turn.

Today, the popular social media site unveiled lists of the most tweeted people, movies, music, and food in all kinds of different topics. As you can imagine, the stats don't necessarily reflect the "best" of each category.

Most tweeted musician? Not Adele or Kanye West. Think Rebecca Black and her song "Friday." Charlie Sheen was the most popular actor, not surprising considering how cool everything #TigerBlood was earlier in the year.

On a somber note, Elizabeth Taylor is the most tweeted actress, following her death back in March. "Thor" was the most popular movie, with the upcoming "The Dark Knight Rises" right behind him at #2. As far as hashtags go, the already mentioned #TigerBlood clocked in at #2, with #Egypt taking the top spot.

Check out my video recap from tonight's news above (it will be posted shortly after the show).