Lisa Stricker

2012 Fashions

Chunky/bulky sweaters are in for 2012, replacing the cable knits and Norwegian designs that were popular this time last year.

Skinny jeans are starting to wane in popularity. Flair jeans are hot for 2012.

1960s Retro Looks are replacing the 1970s Retro that was on-trend in 2011.

Faux fur is still hot, but now it looks faux. Bright colors and patterns are replacing the more realistic-looking faux of last year.

Women can stop teetering atop stiletto-heeled boots and go for the now-popular and much more practical wedge boots.

Animal prints remain popular in 2012. Leopard is still hot, but zebra is taking a back seat to new reptile prints.

Last year, we saw a lot of whole-body denim looks. For 2012, it's whole-body leather.

The fashions shown today are available at Woodfield Mall