Police/Fire Pension Dissolution (HB 144/PA 97-0099): Allows a municipality to dissolve a police or fire pension fund if an auditor has certified there are no liabilities, participants, or beneficiaries. There are currently a few downstate fire and police funds that are inactive but are still required to have an audit.

Police Property Donation (HB 1553/PA 97-0028): Allows a sheriff, chief of police, or other law enforcement official to clear out their inventories of unclaimed property by donating items worth less than $100 to a charitable organization with the approval of the appropriate authority.

Portable Dental Units (SB 1602/PA 97-0528): Defines and establishes regulations for people and entities who own or operate mobile dental vans that are being used to bring dental care directly to patients, particularly in areas where dental resources are scarce. Enforces registration requirements for those who own or operate these dental units, as well as patient record retention requirements. This will help patients obtain additional care following treatment by these mobile dental vans and dental units.

Portable Electronic Insurance (HB 1284/PA 97-0366): Creates a new “limited lines” license for retailers that sell insurance to cover the repair or replacement of portable electronic devices, like wireless phones and computers. Requires anyone who offers or sells the portable electronics insurance to have a limited lines license.

Press Box (SB 2096/PA 97-0355): Establishes that federal accessibility guidelines for press boxes on school property apply in Illinois. The federal guidelines state that a school board does not have to comply with the Illinois Accessibility Code with respect to accessibility in press boxes on school property if the press boxes are in bleachers that have points of entry at only one level, and the aggregate area of the press box is no more than 500 square feet. Repeals language creating the Press Box Accessibility Task Force.

Prisoner Safety (HB 276/PA 97-0104): Clarifies that the warden of a county jail is also authorized to relocate prisoners in the event of inmate-caused disturbances that threaten the security of other inmates. The warden can remove an individual prisoner or group of prisoners (rather than just “the prisoners”) to another jail within the county, or to the jail of another county, if the warden determines the security of the penal institution is threatened (rather than just the “lives or health of the prisoners are endangered”).

Probation Funds (HB 3417/PA 97-0454): Directs funds collected from persons serving probation to be deposited into the Probation and Court Services Fund to pay for costs associated with the probation and court services that are incurred by the county.

Process Servers (SB 2069/PA 97-0427): Allows the courts to appoint a private detective, private detective agency, or their registered employees who have been certified, to serve as special process servers. The private detective or private detective agency must provide the sheriff in each of the counties where they serve process with a copy of his or her license or certificate.

Property Maintenance Violations (HB 1909/PA 97-0561): Provides that with regards to repeated violations of a county’s property maintenance code, service of process against the owner of the property may act as a notice to appear. The goal is to help the county get repeat violators of the property maintenance code into court when the administrative enforcement process is not working.

Property Seizure (SB 2268/PA 97-0544): Provides that, in the event of seizure of property stemming from suspected violation of the Cannabis Control Act, the Illinois Controlled Substances Act, and the Methamphetamine Control and Community Protection Act, notice must be given to all known interest holders that forfeiture proceedings will be instituted. Provides that the notice for the preliminary hearing may be postponed upon a showing of good cause. In addition to making a finding of probable cause, the court must take into account the respective interests of all known claimants to the property including the State, prior to entering an order taking control of the property for the purpose of a forfeiture hearing.

Property Transfers (HB 1153/PA 97-0555): Creates a statutory framework to allow for the transfer of residential real estate upon death through a transfer deed. Outlines under what circumstances this would or would not apply.

Prosthetics (HB 3315/PA 97-0414): Provides that in the 2012 fiscal year, the Discharged Service Members Task Force charged with investigating the re-entry process for service members returning to civilian life, must also assess the availability of prosthetics in its investigation. Currently, the task force considers PTSD, homelessness, disabilities and other relevant issues as members see fit.

Pseudoephedrine Regulation (HB 1908/PA 97-0560): Prohibits a person convicted of using methamphetamine, who is currently on parole, mandatory supervised release, probation or conditional discharge, from purchasing, possessing, or having under their control any product containing pseudoephedrine, unless prescribed by a physician.

Public Aid Fraud (HB 1077/PA 97-0023): Extends the amount of time DHFS has to report to the GA on the number of fraud cases identified and pursued under the medical assistance program, and the fines assessed and collected.

Public Construction Bonds (HB 1226/PA 97-0487): Attempts to make the public bond act easier to understand and use by requiring that any claims for labor or materials furnished to a political subdivision by a sub-contractor can only be enforced if the claimant filed a verified notice of the claim with the Clerk or Secretary of the political subdivision within 180 days after the date of the last item of work or furnishing of the last item of materials. Notice must be filed with the contractor within 10 days after filing the notice with the Secretary or Clerk. The claim must include a description of the claimant's contract as it pertains to the public improvement, describing the work done by the claimant and stating the total amount due and unpaid as of the date of the verified notice. The statute of limitations for filing an action to enforce the claim is extended from 120 days to 1 year after the furnishing of the last item of work or materials by the claimant.

Public Health Standard Orders (SB 123/PA 97-0589): Establishes what public health standing orders must contain and who can provide services under the standing orders. Adds provisions for outpatient clinics to comply with the Public Health Standing Orders Act., and makes other technical changes to bring laws relating to local government and governmental employees tort immunity into accordance with Public Health Standing Orders Act.

Purple Heart Day (HB 1537/PA 97-0258): Establishes Purple Heart Day on Aug. 7th of each year in Illinois. Repeals provisions that established a task force to study the possible health effects of exposure to hazardous materials and requiring the task force to submit a report.

Pyrotechnics Regulations (HB 711/PA 97-0164): Updates the laws regarding the use of pyrotechnics in the musical entertainment industry. Adds provisions concerning exemptions, licensure, qualifications, unlicensed activity, discipline, and reporting accidents or incidents. Makes changes to provisions concerning scope, storage certificates, storage requirements, unlicensed activity, non-residents, recordkeeping, hearings, and criminal penalties.

Racial Classification (HB 332/PA 97-0396): Replaces racial classifications throughout Illinois Statutes with those used by the U.S. Census Bureau, which include Asian, Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, and White.

Radon Reporting (HB 141/PA 97-0021): Requires landlords to provide tenants with notice of radon tests that indicated a radon hazard.