Aldermen Change (SB 1686/PA 97-0146): Streamlines public notice requirements and reduces publication rates for units of local government. Allows any municipality that has a population change that would require an increase or decrease in the number of aldermen to adopt an ordinance or resolution maintaining the current number of aldermen.

Andrea’s Law (HB 263/PA 97-0154): Creates a First Degree Murderer Database for people convicted of first degree murder who have been released from a penal institution or other facility. Places them on the existing Sex Offender Registry or the amended Murderer and Violent Offender Against Youth Registry.

Anti-Epileptic Drug Notification (SB 670/PA 97-0456): Requires pharmacists to provide written notification to a patient when dispensing a prescription in which they have substituted a generic anti-epileptic for a brand name anti-epileptic drug.

Antique Vehicles (HB 3256/PA 97-0412): Creates a new "expanded-use" category of antique vehicles (vehicles more than 25 years old). While regular antique vehicles are generally limited to driving to and from car shows when using state highways, the expanded-use vehicles have unrestricted use of the highways from April 1 through Oct. 31. The owner must pay appropriate registration and renewal fees and also pay the $45 per year fee for expanded-use antique vehicle registration.

Background Information Sharing (HB 1240/PA 97-0248): Requires criminal background information on an employee that has been obtained by a school district within the last year to be shared, upon request, with any other school district.

Banking and Estate Clean-Up (HB 1651/PA 97-0492): Makes numerous clean-up changes and clarifications to a current law related to banking and real estate.

Bilingual Education Reporting (HB 3109/PA 97-0305): Requires the Advisory Council on Bilingual Education to submit a one-time report to the State Superintendant, Governor, and the General Assembly about the regulations controlling bilingual education in Illinois.

Brand Name Prescriptions (SB 2046/PA 97-0426): Authorizes HFS to reimburse the dispensing of a 90 day supply of a brand name drug when it is a cost effective, non-narcotic maintenance medication. This bill will also authorize the 90 day supply for brand name drugs.

Brush Clearing (SB 41/PA 97-0417): Allows a township to authorize without a referendum the use of road funds to finance the collection, transport, and disposal of brush and leaves within the unincorporated areas of the township.

Bus Drivers (HB 147/PA 97-0466): States that a non-CDL holder school bus driver will be subject to reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing that’s in conformance with federal regulations, except the results of the tests must be reported in a manner approved by the Secretary of State instead of on federal forms. Aligns the drug testing standard with that of the federal government because the state standards were more rigid than the federal standards creating a significant risk of false positive tests.

Cancer Insurance Coverage (HB 1191/PA 0091): Mandates that routine patient medical care must be provided to patients participating in qualified clinical cancer trials, if the patient’s policy would cover that routine medical care if they were not enrolled in the clinical trial.

CDL Licensing (HB 1295/PA 97-0208): Brings Illinois into compliance with a federal law that requires Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders who must comply with the physical qualifications requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to provide a current original copy of their medical examiner’s certificates to the State driver’s licensing agency before a CDL is issued, renewed, upgraded or transferred.

Charter Schools (HB 2401/PA 97-0151): Requires that with regards to the five “re-enrolling drop-out” charter schools and the 15-maximum “campuses” in Chicago, a collective bargaining contract be entered into between each individual, re-enrolling charter school campus in order to unionize the teachers within that charter school.

Chicago Educational Facility Planning Commission (SB 620/PA 97-0473): Creates the Chicago Educational Facility Planning Commission and gives the commission the authority to approve standards for the capacity and utilization of Chicago Public Schools, approve standards for basic performance measures, approve school actions that are required to be included in the master plan, approve the 5-year Capital Improvement plan and budget, participate in the selection of contractors, and certify whether or not certain requirements have been met.

Child Abuse Reporting (HB 2093/PA 97-0254)/(SB 1950): Changes legislation to reflect the current criminal penalty for making a false report of child abuse to DCFS, and updates the required posted warning to reflect that a false report is a Class 4 felony violation.

Child Luring (SB 1038/PA 97-0160): Requires all child abductors convicted of child luring to undergo a sex offender evaluation prior to sentencing. Increases the penalty to a class 2 felony for a second offense when a person has a prior conviction of a sex offense as defined in the Sex Offender Registration Act or any substantially similar federal, Uniform Code of Military Justice, sister state or foreign government offense. Adds language to make it harder for an offender to claim a lawful intent (of trying to lure a minor) if they do not have express permission of a parent.

Child Passenger Safety (HB 1222/PA 97-0026): Requires that after satisfactory completion of a child passenger safety instructional course the technician who conducted the course must issue a letter of completion on a form that has been verified by IDOT. This will help the judges more easily identify the letter’s purpose.

Child Pornography (HB 3283/PA 97-0157): Enhances the penalty for filming, videotaping, or creating a moving image of child pornography, or possessing such items.

Closed Meetings (HB 1277/PA 97-0318): Creates an exemption in the Open Meetings Act to allow public bodies to hold closed meetings with auditors or financial committees, if the meeting was called to discuss suspected or potential fraud, or internal control weaknesses.

College Technology Entrepreneur Centers (HB 1876/PA 97-0196): Authorizes the board of trustees of each public university and community college in Illinois to create a technology entrepreneur center, which will provide goods and personnel to innovators who possess an innovative concept that has not yet been offered for sale. The goal is to help them develop their concept to the point where it can become a business venture.