Summer Sandals

Sandal tips for women

First and foremost -- make the toes and heels presentable. A professional pedicure or one at home is not an indulgence but a must have for summer sandal wearing.

Think before you strap on the sandals because "I like them, or, they're cute" isn't the only thing to consider. Match your heel height with your activity. Will you be at outdoors at a cookout? Then flats are best so that you don't sink into the grass or topple over a rock. Going to a concert or over to a friend's house? Sandals that are flat, with platforms or with a heel will all work.

Shoes and outfits go hand-in-hand. A flirty, breezy sundress may work best with a flat or sandal strappy heel, rather than a chunky platform. Wearing shorts? Are they dressy (all type sandals work) or are they very casual (then consider a lower heel or flat sandal). Jeans or pants can usually handle any style of sandal.

Don't buy a sandal that hurts just because it's pretty; i.e. don't expect it will stretch out or suddenly the straps across your toes will miraculously change position. It may stretch, but it's more likely to continue to cause pain, and doesn't your closet have enough lovely but painful shoes just sitting there dressing up that dark space? Find another sandal -- there are many beautiful ones out there looking for a good comfortable home.

The sandals shown are available from: Aldo, Carson's, Call It Spring, Journey and Target.
Sandal tips for men

Pedicures (at home or at a salon) aren't just for women! Take care of your feet, gentlemen (nail clipping, nail filing and pumicing). Not only will they look better for the world to see, but they will feel better too.

Do we have to say it? Apparently we do because we still see it: Never, never, never wear socks with sandals. "But how aboutÂ…" Nope. Never.
If socks are being worn it could be that (a) the man is embarrassed about his feet or the sandals hurt. Socks aren't the answer. Shop until you find a well fitted sandal.

Athletic slip on/shower sandals are NOT for wearing in public. No matter how comfortable they are, they are for wearing indoors in private.

The sandals shown are available from: Aldo, Carson's, Call It Spring, Kohl's and Target.