Boating Accident

Photo courtesy of the Chicago Tribune (August 6, 2012)

At least nine passengers suffered minor injuries when a Wendella tour boat hit a dock near Michigan Avenue and the Chicago River, according to the Chicago Fire Department.

According to witnesses, it appeared the boat slammed into the dock after pulling in to the dock area too quickly around 6 pm.

The boat had just ended an architecture tour at the time of the accident.

 Thom Serafin, spokesperson for Wendella Boat Tours released this statement Monday evening:

"This evening Wendella Boat Tours vessel The Lila ran into their dock near the Michigan Avenue bridge on the Chicago River.

Wendella, a third generation family-owned business that has been working on the Chicago River since 1935, is very concerned with the guests who were on board and extends our well wishes.

Wendella is conducting a full investigation in conjunction with the United States Coast Guard, who has jurisdiction over the Chicago River, but preliminary information suggest engine failure as the probable cause of the incident."