Here Come the Irish 2009: An Annual Guide to Notre Dame Football

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There's no denying Notre Dame has had a tough go of it lately. But there are real signs of hope for 2009. If Jimmy Clausen can make a jump in Year 3, he certainly has the talent surrounding him to haul in his passes, and we all saw in 2005 and 2006 what happens if Weis's offense starts to click. There has also been some shakeups on the coaching staff, and the cupboard is finally stocked with top-flight talent. Unlike any other publication anywhere, Here Come the Irish 2009 gives you all the information you need for another Notre Dame season. From recruiting wins, to player and position profiles, and in-depth and entertaining articles on the history and future of the program, Here Come the Irish 2009 is the only source you need to follow the Irish. 128 pages... all Notre Dame.

Full color, graphical analysis of the 2009 Irish roster including everything you need to know about the freshmen from another outstanding recruiting class.

An in-depth look at the state of the Notre Dame program and why 2009 could be the year that the Irish climb back into the national spotlight.

Exhaustive schedule analysis, including key players, stats, and trends for each opponent--all from a Notre Dame viewpoint.

A dissection of head coach Charlie Weis's up-and-down tenure at Notre Dame including the perspective of the students.

A look at Notre Dame's storied history including analysis of some of the program's unsung players and an historical examination of the rivalry with USC.

That's not all, by any means. A detailed look at the evolution of the Irish defense under Jon Tenuta is included as well as a story on super-recruit Manti Te'o from someone who covered his schoolboy career in Hawaii. Then go back and time and examine the fact and fiction behind the movie Rudy, and see how the two were combined to create millions of Notre Dame fans around the globe. Written by Irish diehards for Irish diehards, Here Come the Irish 2009 is all you need to get pumped up for another exciting year under the Dome! Order your copy online at