Super Soups

Vegetable Soup:
You can buy a can of vegetable soup at any grocery store for less than a couple of dollars. To dress it up:
Add a few handfuls of any greens you have in your refrigerator (like spinach or arugula) to heated soup for an unexpectedly gourmet transformation --wilted greens.
Toss in last night's roasted veggies, like cauliflower, for extra texture and freshness.
Garnish with a dollop of store-bought pesto for restaurant-style flavor.
Another great way to add excitement is by serving this with a slice of fresh bread, like focaccia. It's great for dipping.

Tomato Soup: It takes minutes to take a canned tomato soup -- which you can also find at any grocery store -- and turn it into a restaurant-style Creamy Tomato Soup.
Add a few splashes of cream (or even the half and half you put in your coffee every morning) to make the soup creamier.
To add a hearty texture and added nutritional value, throw in fresh or canned diced tomatoes.
Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and top with store bought croutons.
You can also make homemade cheese croutons by cutting a loaf of cheese bread into cubes, tossing the cubes in olive oil and toasting the cubes under a broiler until toasted.

Chili: You can use last night's leftovers to transform a premade, store-bought chili into an entrée you'd serve to your friends:
Toss in chopped steak leftovers from last night for a homemade twist.
For extra heartiness, combine with diced bell peppers and canned corn.
Top if off with cubes of toasted, store-bought cornbread -- impressive and easy-to-make

Cream of Potato Soup: It's very easy to turn that canned soup into a memorable meal that the entire family will enjoy:
Add Bacon bits made to your liking
Top with diced yellow and green onion, shredded cheese (like cheddar) and chives.
Dress with a dollop of sour cream.