John Larson is a family man. He was born January 24th, 1945 in Evanston, Illinois. His sister Cris is three years older, and growing up the two shared a very close relationship.

Then, in 1964, Cris accepted a teaching job in San Francisco, and she's lived there since.Ten years later on her 31st birthday, John thought it would be nice to send her a card.

So John sent the card with a few quick memories from that year. About 10 months later, Cris sent it back and did the same. The tradition continued....for 36 years.

Reading the card is like flipping through a history book, and since both John and Cris are huge Beatles fans, their 1981 birthday exchange was heartbreaking.

The memories move on - from the Bears winning the Super Bowl to their father's death, John and Cris have been through it all.

Today John will mail the card back to his sister, who will celebrate her 68th birthday on February 18th. It's traveled 144,000 miles, or about six full circles around the globe - always arriving on time, and in one piece.