Jury deliberations will continue Friday in the trial of William Balfour the man accused of killing three members of singer Jennifer Hudson's family.

There is no indication when the jury will reach a verdict.  Observers say it could take a while.  There is no DNA linking Balfour to the murder weapon, and jurors must consider a mountain of circumstantial evidence.

The jury of six women and six men deliberated for several hours Wednesday before being sequestered at a local hotel. They resumed deliberations about 10:20 a.m. today.

A few hours into deliberations Wednesday night, the jury had two questions for the judge.

The jury requested transcripts and also asked if there were there house keys to 7019 S. Yale on the key rings that were found on Balfour when he was arrested.

The Judge sent back a question, which transcript(s) are you requesting?

He answered there other question with: You heard the evidence. You have the instruction of law. Please continue to deliberate.

Earlier, attorneys presented their closing arguments.

The prosecution urged jurors to reject defense theories that the killings were related to Jason Hudson's cocaine business, which he ran out of the family's Englewood home.

Assistant State's Attorney Jennifer Bagby said witness testimony, firearms evidence and cellphone technology presented during 11 days of testimony all pointed toward Balfour.