Community involvement is essential to the work of Living Water International. The organization doesn't see its work as "bestowing upon" people, but rather "working alongside" them. 

Jodi Mohney, LWI's Haiti Program Director, explains this concept in the above clip. LWI asks what members of a community would like the most, what they're willing to do for it, and how they can best sustain it. If they are not sure how to perform this labor, LWI teaches them so they can work on their water wells themselves. 

 As you saw in the piece on WGN News at Nine, residents of the Haitian resettlement area Jerusalem are now in charge of upkeeping the "Carlos Hernandez Gomez Memorial Well." It is there for their benefit, and with that benefit, an attitude of ownership is essential.

LWI hopes to build another well in Haiti through the sole support of Chicago donors.  It will be called the "Chicago Well." To participate, please head to and have an immediate impact. This means you!