Most days, Mary Gomez works as a transport emergency nurse at Children's Memorial Hospital, riding in helicopters with the area's most critically ill kids.

But when she's not doing that, she's tirlessly transporting her medical expertise across international lines to help rebuild Grace Children's Hospital in earthquake-ravaged Port au Prince.

"Port au Prince and Haiti were so disadvantaged before the quake, and then to visit it after the quake was just mind-boggling," Gomez explains of her trips to the island.

She is at the center of a medical unit involved in a unique partnership between the Chicago and Haitian children's care facilities. As the architects and building teams involved in the construction of the new Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children's Memorial Hospital in Streeterville have donated their services to rebuild Grace Children's Hospital in Port au Prince, doctors and nurses there, like Gomez, are donating their time through travel and internet consultation to exchange medical advice and treat kids from afar.

As she explains in the above clip, their team traveled to Grace Children's in February of this year, and they're planning another visit in March to focus on the development of emergency medicine. 

"Everything has been affected, there is not one aspect of their lives that hasn't been touched," Gomez explains. "From banking, groceries, to where they go to school, everything they do has been affected by the earthquake."

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