Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. is up for reelection, but has not been seen in public for more than four months.

Questions are mounting about his medical condition and a federal criminal investigation into allegations of misusing campaign funds.

The Illinois democrat has been holed up at his home in Washington, D.C. since being released from the Mayo Clinic last month where he was being treated for bi-polar disorder. 

Voters in the 2nd Congressional District haven’t seen or heard from him since he took a medical leave of absence from Congress in June.  "We all have to go to work and if he’s not there that’s obviously an issue.  I don’t think it’s right," said one constituent.

The most recent Jackson sighting came Monday by a reporter with the website, who caught up with him outside his D.C. home while he was smoking a cigar. 

Jackson reluctantly told him, he is not well and that he visits his doctor twice a day.  But Jackson has also been spotted out twice at a bar not far from his D.C. home, drinking with friends. 

The congressman did not talk about that or the report by The Wall Street Journal that he is the subject of a criminal investigation into whether he misused campaign funds to decorate his home.  That investigation is separate from the House ethics investigation into whether Jackson or an associated offered to raise a million dollars in campaign funds for then governor Rod Blagojevich in exchange for Blagojevich appointing Jackson to President Obama’s vacant Senate seat. 

Despite the numerous probes, allegation and health issues jackson is facing, he is expected to easily win reelection.