hat trick:

three or more goals scored by a player in one game.

head deke:

when a player drops his head as though moving one way and quickly moves in another to fake out the opponent.


a minor penalty which occurs when a player carries his stick above the normal height of his opponent's shoulders and hits or menaces the opponent with it; if injury is caused it becomes a major penalty; if a referee determines that the raising of the stick was unintentional and no contact occurred, it is considered a team infraction, and a face-off is held in the offender's defensive zone.


a minor penalty which occurs when a player grabs and holds onto an opponent (or his stick) with his hands or arms to impede the opponent's progress.

holding the puck:

See falling on the puck.

home team:

the team in whose arena the game is being played; the team wearing the lighter uniforms.

hook check:

a sweep of the stick low to the ice to take the puck from an opponent's stick.


a minor penalty which occurs when a player attempts to impede the progress of another player by hooking any part of the opponent's body with the blade of his stick; an illegal use of one's stick.


a violation which occurs when the team in possession of the puck shoots it from behind the red center line across the opponent's goal line into the end of the rink (but not into the goal) and a member of the opposing team touches it first; results in a face-off in the offender's defensive zone; a shorthanded team cannot be called for icing.