The city of Chicago allows private companies to boot vehicles. It's done on a ward-by-ward basis, at the discretion of city Aldermen. Some motorists accuse one of these companies, Global Parking Management, of hiring overzealous and intimidating workers, and it's all perfectly legal. As WGN's Tom Negovan reports, a WGN-TV camera recently captured one of these booting incidents on Roscoe near Damen... as it went down.

(Tim Clue and the Global Parking employee) Tim: "You have to take the boot off." Casey: "You have no prior written consent to take any pictures or video of this property." Tim: "You're just talking legal just craziness. What does that mean I have no prior consent?" Casey: " I need a squad car right away.. " Tim: "Absolutely!"

Welcome to Tim Clue's very bad day.

Tim: "I shopped at the Value Discount Store. Why am I booted?"

He's on his way out of town... stops to do a little discount shopping... thought he'd followed the rules.

Tim's show and tell: "Look at where the sign is located. You come in here, if you park here you walk towards the Value Discount Store... How many people think, you know I need to circumnavigate the parking lot and and and read the credit card like sign before I walk due West?"

The signs say you have to go straight from your car in the lot to the store and back. Tim admits he crossed the street to ask for directions.

"I got the directions, I came back so in between the walk over to the other store and back is when he booted my car, like a Ninja warrior boot. I mean this guy is stealth man. This was so fast you could not imagine."

Mike O'Sullivan says, "I parked right where this red car is.."

Different neighborhood, same problem for Mike O'sullivan. He was picking up food for co-workers at side-by-side restaurants and parked right between them.

"That's the ticket.."

Mike was working... driving his *ambulance. They booted him just the same.

"That doesn't look like an ordinary vehicle. It's a frickin' organ transplant vehicle! I could get a run right now and I gotta go. I'm sorry, sir- you can't do that. I talked to the city- and I'm like like 'how is that even legal, I mean how can they even do that?"

In the end, Mike paid the $115 dollar fine. But first, he says, he tried to follow the instructions on the warning signs.. to appeal. He called 3-1-1... was told they couldn't help him. Then he called Global Parking.

Tom: "And the way they stick to the rules..that's what ..." Mike: "Oh, this guy was a robot, man. He- there was no bending. No bending. And then I talked to the lady on the other end and she was the same way."

(Tom dials the phone...)

We tried, too, and got the Global Parking Management recording. We went to the address at 6666 N. Western Avenue that Global claims is it's office."

Mike O'Sullivan: "It's a State Farm!! There's no anywhere on it does it say anything about Global Parking."

No one from the company would talk on-camera. But, Joe Grillo, one of the owners, told us that, compared to towing, private booting is... "a softer, more effective approach for both the business and the vehicle owner."