You are looking at a cool new way to lose weight. "Cool" is the operative word.

The procedure is called Cryolipolysis.

It freezes the fat cells, but not your skin.

Once frozen, the fat cells break open and pass through your system permanently.

Kim Weiner says it's given her results she never thought possible.

Yoga, running and dieting never quite did the trick for the 51-year-old suburban mom.

She was ok with her shape in the before picture, but she's ecstatic about the after.

Dermatologist, Doctor Amy Brodsky, has performed the procedure on dozens of patients.

One small catch, it takes anywhere from 2 to 6 months to see results and you really only lose inches from the area, not pounds.

Dr. Brodsky says "cool sculpting" is about spot reduction of problem areas.

The ideal candidate is within 30 pounds of their ideal weight and who is relatively thin and just has unwanted bulges.

Unlike any weight loss surgery, you can go back to work the same day.

Staying fit is often called the "battle of the bulge", she's fighting every day by exercising and eating right.

Kim just looks at Cryolipolysis as a secret weapon.