On the day before Cook County residents head to the polls, there has been an allegation of election tampering.

As a result, some election judges have been fired.

The complaint comes from south suburban Country Club Hills, which has a controversial measure on the ballot to cut the size of its City Council.

A voter snapped a photo of an election judge apparently opening a voting machine last Friday, days before judges there had agreed to do that.

"Actually, another one of the aldermen, Ald. Leon Williams, just happened to be going to City Hall to pick up his mail, and he noticed her and a gentleman in the machines and then, uh, another resident from Country Club Hills happened to be near City Hall and they took pictures and called for an incident report with the police department," said Country Club Hills Ald. Vincent Lockett.

Police were called and a police report was filed, which was also obtained by WGN News.

The judge in question claims she was making sure there were enough supplies in the machine.

"What we know is what the election judges did was inappropriate. Election judges are told that they are supposed to set up the precincts at the same time together, and in this case, they had agreed to set up today at 5 o'clock. So, in theory, no one should have been looking in the supply carrier on Friday afternoon," said Courtney Greve with the Cook County Clerk's Office

While this allegation is not necessarily criminal, the Cook County Clerk's Office takes this very seriously.

An investigator was on the way to Country Club Hills Monday evening, and those election judges, who have worked elections before, will never work one again.