North of Chicago in beautiful Lake County you'll find hidden treasures off the beaten path.

It feels like a mirage, gazing up at Ramses the Great but this is no hallucination, sprouting out of the prairie - It's really here. A miniature Valley of the Kings. Walk into a replica of King Tut's Tomb, and you'll see treasures with kitschy shot glasses in the gift shop at Lake County's oddest attraction.

"I personally doubt a lot of things but I seen things happen I can't explain," said Jim Onan, Gold Pyramid Creator.

The great pyramids and the marvels of ancient Egypt are a world away from Wadsworth, Illinois but the colorful creator of this amazing place has two wishes. He wants everybody to have fun and he also hopes that they'll get a taste of the magic and mystery of ancient Egypt.

The Pharaoh's didn't need a three-car garage but it's a necessity for Onan who lives in the Pyramid.

It's recreational mecca in Libertyville. Islands on a lake connected by six miles of trails at Independence Grove.

You can bike, zip around on roller blades, hit the multi-level jogging tracks, ride the horse trails, cast your line for excellent fishing, swim at the beach or, glide down the Des Plaines river.

You'll go coo-coo over Kookaburas and raptors at the Wildlife Discovery Center in Lake Forest. With it's world-class collection of reptiles and poisonous snakes, from the deadly Green Mamba to a Chinese-banded King Cobra, its the only one of a kind in the country.

"We have perhaps the largest public exhibit of venomous reptiles in the Midwest and certainly one of the largest in the United States," said Rob Carmichael.

It's anchors aweigh at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center Museum in North Chicago. You'll learn about the history of molding recruits into sailors. Free of charge, it's yet another Lake County Treasure.

If you are looking for an interesting place to stay as you cruise Lake County Julian found a historic hotel on Fox Lake, the century-old Roxanna Bed & Breakfast.

In it's hey-day Luxury resorts on Fox Lake played host to politicians, famous athletes, even Al Capone.

Roxana Hotel
94 Lippincott Road
Fox Lake, IL 60020

Great Lakes Naval Museum
Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday: 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Friday: 11:00am - 5:00pm
Additional hours by appointment

Wildlife Discovery Center
1401 Middlefork Drive
Lake Forest, IL

Lake County Forest Preserves
6400 W Buckley Rd
Libteryville, IL 60048
847-968-3499 (phone)
847-918-9017 (fax)

Golden Pyramid
Wadsworth, IL
Tours by appointment only 847-662-7777

800-2CONNECT (226-6632)