This isn't your average bar in Lincoln Park--this bar serves up only cookies.

The Cookie Bar offers up to 18 varieties of freshly baked cookies with all kinds of interesting flavors. Cookie lovers can feast on the old stand-by chocolate chip cookie, or try something different like trail mix or butterfinger.

Owners Joe Bova and Jeff Steinberg's cookies became an overnight hit at Lakeview's DMK Burger Bar, and it's no different at The Cookie Bar. The guys pride themselves on the use of natural ingredients, like coconut oil. They bake nearly 1200 cookies a day and feature some gluten-free and dairy-free varieties.

Aside from their new takes on the average cookie, The Cookie Bar serves organic coffee and homemade lemonade to quench thirsts of the cookie consumers. However, the draw at The Cookie Bar is definitely the cookies themselves.

Visit The Cookie Bar at 2475 N. Lincoln Avenue.