Vikings' Jared Allen makes a good point

News with a Twist: News with a View

Was Vikings defensive end Jared Allen right when he went on a Minneapolis radio station and said New Orleans is like a "3rd world country?" He seemed to insinuate that New Orleans had the appearance of a bombed out city. That New Orleans is a little crusty.  Well, he's probably a little right. 

We are a little crusty.  We aren't at all anything like Minneapolis.  We're New Orleans.  A nearly 300-year-old city.  300 years!  Minneapolis was a fort when New Orleans was a thriving metropolis.  So compared to Minneapolis, I'd say we are a little crusty. 

It would be easy for me to vilify Jared Allen.  Especially since the Saints play the Vikings on Sunday.  But the popular opinion wouldn't be the truthful one.

Jared Allen is correct in a several of his comments, no matter how juvenile, uninformed, or misguided they may be.  We've come a tremendous way since Katrina.  Accomplishing more in the last 3 or 4 years than this city had achieved in the last 30 or 40.  But let's not stop now. 

Let's keep the pushing the accelerator. We've made a first down, but there's a lot of field left to cover.   We're no where near the goal line.  But we are moving in that direction.  Let's listen to the criticism, take the constuctive parts, and act on them.  

Jared Allen may very well be a sheltered professional football player but that doesn't mean that at least some of what he's saying isn't right.





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