The Violence Of Failing To End Violence

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The ghost of Marie Leveau was not the only scary thing hanging over the streets of New Orleans on Halloween as voodoo spells had to compete with gunsmoke and 2 fresh tenants for Leveau’s cemetery. This prompted the Times Picayune to issue its 1,375th plea for an end to “the culture of violence.” Yeah, that will do the trick.

Maybe sometime in the next millennia it will dawn on the city’s media and governmental elders that gun violence in the streets IS the way of the streets and has been since the “murder capital” days of the 1970’s. Here’s another “hey bra, Where’s Waldo” clue why this keeps happening and how to stop it: try looking at what is going on in the places where this violence DOES NOT occur. Oh wait, if we do that then the truth discovered cannot be admitted, unless someone wants to ‘fess up to being an accomplice to all this.

Here’s another Superdome-sized clue that explains some of the “why?” in this never ending episode of CSI Treme: Where have all the responsible adult males gone? Where in the troubled parts of New Orleans pray tell, would you hope to find Bill Cosby and the Huxtables walking their poodles? Where might you find the Reverend Sharpton’s church, church sponsored schools and competing CYO leagues?

The sad and ugly truth is that if those people were once citizens of this fair city and they still exist, they are practicing the art of “the good life” somewhere very distant from where a magazine carrying 32 bullets was emptied on Canal Street & University.

As the writer Patrick J. Buchanan confided to me in an interview last week, problems like these are beyond the reach of being solved by the well intentioned Landrieu’s and Serpas’ of the world. They require a St. Paul of Tarsus or a John Wesley, fat chance. Let us see if the city keeps them exiled during the upcoming “Christmas”, I mean “Celebration in the Oaks”.





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