Enhancing  the rear end is a growing trend in cosmetic surgery.

"There's been a big explosion in this procedure in the last 5 years," explains cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gregory Pippin.

Dr. Pippin is an expert in the tush department; you could call him the go-to guy for gluteoplasty - aka butt enhancements.

"The main desire is a fuller buttocks, more projection to their buttocks," Dr. Pippin explains. "That's the number one complaint. They just complain of having a flat bottom and they want to be able to fill out theire clothes."

He offers a few different options to help get that bigger backside: "There are fat graphs, implants and there are fat graphs with implants."

Most people opt for fat graphs with implants. That means he grabs unwanted fat from another part of the body, via liposuction, and then injects it into the bum. The implants are made from solid silicone and come in various sizes.

"It's embedded within the gluteus maximus muscle so that you're camouflaging the edges of the implant," says Dr. Pippin. That's what keeps the rear end perky. The muscle acts like a sling.

And don't worry about undesirable scarring: all it takes is a small incision about 5 centimeters in the inner gluteal crease (also known as the crack).

The procedure takes about 4 to 6 hours, but forget about it if you're hoping for a quick recovery: "I don't allow patients to sit on their bottom for two weeks after surgery, so they have to either lie on their stomachs or lay on their side for that time frame."

And glueteoplasty candidates aren't messing around. The surgery comes with a hefty price tag. Right around the $10,000 mark, but Dr. Pippin says his clients think it's worth every penny.

"Across the board, they love it. The satisfaction rate from this is one of the highest I've ever seen with cosmetic surgery."