The world's top Supercross riders are in town waiting for tomorrow night when they get to prove their talent in the Superdome. Vanessa Bolano has a preview of all the action.

Hold on to your seat and get ready for a bumpy ride. The Monster Energy Supercross is back in New Orleans after a two year hiatus.

Rider Mike Alessi says, “I went down Bourbon street back when I was here in '09. That was kind of interesting.”

There's no telling what he'll do this year, but right now the focus is on racing. On Saturday riders will get the chance to race on 1.5-Million pounds of dirt spread out across the Superdome floor.

“People want to come to the race and see a race; see a battle. The excitement of not knowing who is going to win, or what's going to happen, that's what makes racing so exciting,” explains Alessi.

Louisiana native Kevin Windham will not be racing because of an injury, but will be at the Superdome Saturday. He says, “To come here and watch football is great, but to come in and see 6,000 yards of dirt transformed in these high flying jumps and to be able to perform in front of friends and family, a hometown crowd, it’s truly saddening for me.”

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