Do you expect to have to score a lot of points to win this game with the Vikings' weapons on the other side?

"I hope not. We definitely want to start fast and we want to put points up on the board, but you definitely don't want to be in a shootout. You want to be successful and get the job done early and just sustain it throughout the game. We have weapons and we know they have weapons too."

How much improved is Carl Nix from last year?

"I think he improved dramatically. I think his overall game has improved a lot. He is seeing things better and I think he is understanding things a little bit better pre-snap-wise. That's always good when you can have a game plan before the snap or recognize things before the snap and execute it."

How much does playing next to Jon Stinchcomb help you do your job?

"It's awesome. Stinch is another guy who pre-snap reads and things like that come in handy, especially when you have guys walking up on the ball from the outside where I can't see. It's huge."

With three players going to the Pro Bowl, is the offensive line better this year or was it underappreciated last year?

"Maybe a little bit, not much. We have been scoring a lot of points and moving the ball around a lot in a very active offense. Coach Payton and Drew [Brees] do a great job in dialing up plays. Sometimes that can happen, but we all knew our time was due. We just go out there and play hard every game."

Do you do anything differently to prepare for the Vikings pass rush?

"Maybe just watch a little more film and try to be a little more detailed in your assignments, but basically just doing all the things that you have been doing all year long ? working hard during the week and preparations for the game all week long."

What do you tell Jermon Bushrod about the pressure of this environment or is he beyond that having played a whole season?

"I think he's cool. He hasn't felt any more pressure than he needed to and if he did he's not showing it. He's fine. He's been playing well all year long and we expect him to play well on Sunday."

Do the Vikings have one of the best front sevens in all of football?

"I think so. I think their front four cause havoc a lot. They have a lot of good guys in there that rush the passer well, but they all play their gaps well and they are assignment key. Another thing they do well is they play off of each other. If one guy rushes one gap, another guy bounces around on the other gap. They do create more havoc with their front four than the other guys, but then they surprise you and maybe bring a backer up once in a while."

What would winning Sunday mean to Tom Benson?

"It would mean a lot for him, the team and the city as a whole. I didn't know much about the Saints before coming here in '06, but this is the first NFC Championship Game that they're hosting and this is actually the second NFC Championship Game that I've been in in four years. It would mean a lot for us to get a win."

What do you like about Tom Benson's management style?

"I would say the guys that him and Mickey [Loomis] put in the facility, starting with Coach Payton. And then just letting Coach Payton loose and do what he feels is right. Coach Payton has done a great job here ? staff, players, and the whole nine."

So he lets the football guys run the show?