"If anyone thinks we didn"t earn this win today, they weren"t watching the same we were.  This was one of the toughest games I think I"ve played in and I"m not saying that just because we won and we"re going to the Super Bowl.  This was such an up-and-down game, a roller coaster game.  It seemed like no calls were going our way 99 percent of the time and finally toward the end we had some calls go our way.  It seemed like they had eight fumbles and got seven of them back.  It was just one of those games where you don"t ever give up because you don"t know what is going to happen.

"Jimmy Johnson came and spoke to our team toward the end of the week and he told us that you can"t prepare for one thing because you don"t know what"s going to happen in these types of games.  All you can do is prepare yourself for everything and just take it as it comes.  Whatever happens in a game, just take it for what it is and try to do whatever you can to win the game.  Like I said, things that happen in this game today- it was such an emotional game for us.

(on the muffed punt) "I knew their punter was going to hit it deep and there wasn"t going to be too many balls that weren"t going to be returned.  I felt like on that punt when I saw him hit it I thought he shortchanged it and I guess one of their guys got down the field fast enough to disrupt me catching the ball and once I caught it I thought I saw room and had space to make a move but obviously I didn"t.  It such a gut-wrenching feeling when that happens.  I don"t care what game you"re playing in even if it"s a preseason game.  It"s still a gut-wrenching feeling.

(on Minnesota"s five turnovers) "One of the things that we preach all the time is turnovers and turnover results. With all the turnovers they had- it was like they had a thousand turnovers but got all of them back.  I was like if we could just get one of those fumbles, but we ended up getting the turnovers and they were a key to this victory.  Unfortunately, we were not able to produce as many points off the turnovers as we would have liked but never the less we got a W and are headed to the Super Bowl.
(on the play of the Saints" defense) "Our defense is one of the main reasons on why we"re going to the Super Bowl and the way they played today.  With all of the BS they"ve taken throughout this season and especially toward the end of the season, they played like absolute monsters today with all of the turnovers they forced today.  Words just can"t describe how great they played today.

"Our game this week, we preached ball security because the Minnesota Vikings had actually forced a lot of turnovers.  I think they led the league in forced fumbles.  We were obviously made aware of that and it just so happened that our defense gave us that opportunity."