Opening Statement: “Marques Colston did not practice. Jabari Greer, David Hawthorne, Curtis Lofton were limited and Adrian Arrington was full. Today, we practiced our normal Wednesday practice where we go first and second down. Everything went well. We were practicing fast, they looked fresh. It was a good day.”


What about Darren Sproles?

“Darren is fine.”


What is Marques Colston’s injury?

“Left foot.”


What are your thoughts on if they will play on Sunday?

“It appears that all of these guys should be ready.”


People in the community say that football and the Saints serve as a good distraction from damage caused by Hurricane Isaac. What does that responsibility feel like for you guys?

“More than a responsibility, it’s an honor to be honest. You hear Drew Brees and our leaders on our football team and they feel they are part of the community. The community feels part of us. It is just a feel that you are doing something for your family member. Just as you’ll play for your father and mother who raised you, they feel the same way about the community as in ‘this is just another family member that needs help.’ If this is what helps them, getting excited about a football game, then that is what we’ll do.”


How is your preparation different for a player like Robert Griffin III with no game film from the NFL?

“You can go by what you have seen in college and what you have seen in the preseason. That third preseason game is always important because most teams will play to an ‘A’ game. They will try to play three quarters. Anytime there is a new quarterback or a new player, a team wants to play him as much as they can in the preseason to get them used to playing at the NFL speed and that is what they have done. He has gotten plenty of reps, so I think there is plenty to look at.”


How much from the preseason do you think you will actually see on Sunday?

“I am sure they ran their base plays in the preseason. It’s their scheme they are going to run. They will have plenty of additional things that they will add to their gameplan, I’m sure, they haven’t shown. A lot of people do it. He (Griffin) is a talented guy. He took Baylor and made them into a powerhouse which they hadn’t been in a long time. When one guy can really change your program, and he has shown to do it in college, there is a good chance he could it in the National Football League.”