Opening Statement: “(It’s a) tough place to play in Green Bay at Lambeau Field. I almost think if you win that game it should count as two wins. I know you have visited with Aaron (Kromer) already today and he talked a little about that. Having said that, I am disappointed that defensively we weren’t able to limit them to one less touchdown. That’s really the way I wrap it up. The one that sticks out is the second quarter drive where it began on the eight yard line and we did have them stopped but they had the fake punt and got it back. Then we had two penalties after that that kept the ball going for them - a face mask and a holding. Anytime you give a good football team extra yards with penalties that hurts.


“We did create the two turnovers that helped our football team. I thought we played much better in the second half by holding them to seven points which I thought was important. Overall, we did limit the big play. I think they had two passes of exactly 20 yards and a run play for 10 yards. We define the big plays as more than 10 yards on a run and more than 20 yards on a pass. I thought we did well there.


“Where I didn’t think we performed well defensively was in the red zone and (I was) disappointed in that because the prior week against Kansas City that kept us in the game. We played really well in the red zone then, so we went backwards that way. We did not create enough third downs, the penalties hurt us and we didn’t affect the quarterback hardly at all, certainly not enough to win the game.


Patrick Robinson had a great play on the interception and I think Brodrick Bunkley did a terrific job on the fumble. He knocked the lineman back that made Graham Harrell stumble and cause a turnover.”


I know you don’t want to get too far away from your scheme but with the lack of pressure on the quarterback, how do you improve that? Do you send more people and in a way go against the philosophies that you believe in?


“That’s one way to do it. We did a little bit of that yesterday. The other thing is with that type of quarterback he will make you pay in that regard. The thing that Aaron Rodgers did really well was that he was at the line of scrimmage for a long time. If you noticed, they were not in a full no huddle but it was a quick tempo. They got to the line of scrimmage with plenty of time on the clock. They had a couple of cadences to try and get us to show them what we are trying to do. When he gets that information, when you are bringing a lot of people it’s a risky business to do that too many times against him. I just got done talking about how I thought it was important that we limited the big plays. I think against a team like that you need to try to do that. We focused on it and that part of it we got done. What you certainly didn’t want to do was have the 60-yard score or the 80-yard score. We did that we just needed to get him in more third downs and play them better in the red zone.


“Going back to the whole pressure thing, we did try to mix it up and went with a different personnel group in the second half where we had Martez (Wilson), Junior (Gallette), Will (Smith) and Cam (Jordan) in there as opposed to other nickel packages. We changed where we rushed three a couple of times and so we are kind of mixing it and trying different ways to do it yet somehow, some way we have to find a way to do it. We have to find a way to effect the quarterback more. The few times that we did flush him out….we had (Rodgers) in the red zone and Brodrick gets his leg but he maintains his balance going to his left and flicks it out there. That’s a great play by a great quarterback. All those things put together limited what we did affecting the quarterback.”


You knew getting pressure on the quarterback was going to be a challenge when you got here but how do you improve that now four weeks into the season?


“It’s a challenge anywhere. It doesn’t matter where you are or what players you have or what scheme you run. Offenses are pretty good and affecting the quarterback is the thing you have to do whether you do it with four or three (players). I believe in just mixing it up. We have to find a way to mix it better and find a way to win a couple of these one-on-one matches. When we do win, like Bunkley did on that one play, we have to try to find a way to get him down. We flushed him out a couple of times and there was one third-down play that we did flush him out because of Junior (Galette) but Rodgers gets out on the edge and turns a third-and-six play into a seven-yard gain for the first down.”


What changed in the second half where the defense started to improve?