BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Gov. Bobby Jindal on Tuesday said he's
won two promises from the federal government that will ease
Louisiana's hurricane recovery: funding for residents and the
opening of the strategic oil reserve.
      Jindal said the White House approved his request that Hurricane
Gustav be declared a "major disaster," allowing residents of 34
parishes to receive federal funding for housing and recovery. The
funding, from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, could
include money for home repair, temporary housing and other recovery
      "Obviously we hope that brings some relief, some comfort,"
Jindal said.
      Jindal hopes the opening of the oil reserve helps reverse a
severe shortage of fuel, particularly in south Louisiana. Long
lines at gas stations have formed in many areas hit by the storm,
because many don't have electricity and can't pump.
      The action will release 250,000 barrels of oil to a Citgo
refinery in Lake Charles.