(New Orleans)

The Jazz and Heritage Festival brings in millions of dollars for the City of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana. It's day two of Jazz Fest. Organizers say crowds continue growing every year. Close to 4 hundred thousand people are in town this weekend celebrating Jazz Fest. Whether it's food, music or art. Festival goers can find it all in one place, at the Fair Grounds.

After Hurricane Katrina Jazz Fest organizers were concerned about finding sponsors. But festival supporters like Shell Oil had no trouble stepping in. Now the music, cultural and people that make Jazz Fest one of the city's biggest money makers is helping New Orleans through tough economic times. Once the music dies and festival goers leave the fair grounds, the city will continue seeing the impact of the money those visitors are spending.

Proceeds from the festival are also funding another local project to help musicians in the city of New Orleans. The Musician's village was built using money made at Jazz Fest.