While some people have voluntarily evacuated from New Orleans, others are hunkering down and are preparing to ride out Tropical Storm Isaac. WGNO's Darian Trotter has a view of New Orleans that we don't see very often.

It's one of the most famous intersections in the world: Canal at Bourbon. Not much is going on. You could call it the calm before the storm.

“I have never heard Bourbon Street this quiet,” Mike Silva told WGNO News.

The street made famous for it’s non-stop partying now looks more like a ghost town.  The 24-hour souvenir shops, the bars, and the restaurants are all closed as Tropical Storm Isaac moves closer.

“We came out to have a cocktails for a friend’s birthday but never heard it this quiet on Bourbon Street," says Mike. "It’s interesting.”

The night life is almost placed on pause as people prepared for the storm.  Preps could be seen all around town. From boards on homes and businesses to the rush on gasoline.

Spencer bean is getting enough to last awhile:  “Filling up gas gans, man. Getting ready."

Spencer told us he was getting enough to power his generators. "I have old folks in the house, so I have to take care of them" he said.

Even though there has been no widespread evacuation order for the city of New Orleans, Wiley Breaux, Jr. has has packed up his little one and enough food for a couple of days as they head to higher ground.

“Pretty much lived through all the hurricanes. Betsy, Camille. Since Katrina I had enough. I'd rather move out, go somewhere and be safe."

Angelo Talamo is doing the opposite: he’s stocked up on non-perishables, candles, even a battery powered television. Outside, aluminum shutters are being secured as he and his family settle in at home until the storm passes.

“I'm going back old school. Staying, weather the storm. I'm gonna ride it out."

Back on Bourbon, Mike says, "Come Thursday, I think Bourbon will be back to normal."

Time will tell. On Tuesday morning, there were a couple of bars off Bourbon Street that were still open. Most businesses, like the CVS on Canal Street were boarded up, ready for Isaac.