The 4th annual WYES Private beer sampling will take place at the Fair Grounds on Friday, June 1st. It's an exclusive tasting where guests can try 75 rare craft beers, made by homebrewers and local breweries. 

Then on Saturday, June 2nd from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Lakefront arena, the 29th annual WYES International Beer Tasting will take place.  Tickets range from $30-$45.  Guests can enjoy a quarter-mile of beer sampling.  It's Louisiana's oldest and largest beer event.

Guests who attend the WYES International Beer Tasting will be able to sample over 275 regional craft beer, domestics, imports, and homebrews.  Beer education classes will be held on how to appreicate a beer, how to start homebrewing, and how best to pair your beer with food.

All proceeds from these events goes to WYES--your local PBS station.  A station that is dedicated to education.

WYES Promotion Manager, Aislynn Hinyup said, "We do hope guests learn something about the beer while they are there.  You will probably try a new flavor.  Something that you've never tasted before."

President of Nola Brewing Co., Kirk Coco said there is a proper way to taste a beer while at these events.

"You're going to put it to your nose first.  Beer has a unique aroma that brewers work on for a long time.  You're not going to do a lot of swooshing in your mouth.  Take a sip, and let it sit in your mouth for a bit, then swallow," Coco said.

He said one of the most common mistakes people make when tasting is spitting out the beer.  "That's not appropriate for a beer tasting." 

Tickets are still available.

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