News with a Twist: News with a View

How do we expect our city to grow when selfish residents care about only themselves and not the city as a whole?

New Orleans is a hard place to do business and always has been.  The needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few too often falls on deaf ears.  Moving the city forward is almost an impossible task. 

In the Fauburg Marigny the neighborhood residents are against a proposed CVS/Pharmacy. Dont want a chain store coming to the neighborhood.  Kinda like in uptown where protestors almost stopped a Walgreens from coming to Magazine Street. 

Neighborhoods in New Orleans are often against progress. We love telling folks that want to do a project in our city, want to invest in our city "no". 

We think preservation means nothing new.  Sean Cummings, a native New Orleanian who has built many residential condo developments in the city, wants to build one at Elysian Fields at the river.   It's a beautiful design that could bring life back to a forgotten corner of our city.

Cummings' project was shot down almost immediately. Tens of millions in investment and the revitalization of a terrible corner of our city and the city says "no".  

How do we expect our city to ever grow when selfish residents continue to care about themselves exclusively and not the city as a whole?





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