The family of an unarmed man killed by New Orleans Police are asking tough questions about where their loved one was shot.

The Orleans Parish Coroner's Office says 20-year old Wendell Allen was shot in the chest, but the funeral home has released a report the family says suggests he was shot in the back.

"He came up the steps and killed my son. He shot him in the back," Allen's mother Natasha Allen said.

She's talking about Joshua Colclough; the New Orleans police officer internal affairs investigators say shot an unarmed Wendell Allen during a drug raid last month inside his Prentiss street home.

For six weeks, loved ones were lead to believe the 20-year old was shot in the chest, based on information they say was released by Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas.

"He told us Wendell was shot in the chest," Allen said.

During a press conference hours after the fatal shooting, Serpas did not mention exactly where Allen was shot.

The Orleans Parish Coroner later revealed Allen was shot once in the chest.

We contacted coroner's office spokesperson john Gagliano Wednesday. He stands by his initial report that Allen was shot in the chest, and that the bullet was recovered from Allen's back -- which created a wound.

But the family says that was not indicated on Allen's death certificate.

It only states gunshot wound.

"Why you didn't put that in his death certificate," Allen asked. "Why everyone else has death certificate and the reason and where they were shot at, why Wendell Allen don't?"

Tuesday the Allen family allowed investigators with police internal affairs to stage a reenactment of the shooting.

Wednesday, a report released from the funeral home raised questions; because it shows diagrams made by the funeral director, indicating Allen was shot once in the back.

She also spoke with the family in detail by phone.

"What interest does she have in this case, what interest does she have in the New Orleans Police Department," Allen family attorney Lionel Burns asked. "What interest would she have in creating a report that would contain inconsistencies or inaccuracies?"

"I have a piece of paper saying he was shot in the back, you're doing a reenactment of him shot in the chest, where is the truth," Allen said.

"Remember we heard all kinds of versions about what happened on the Danzinger bridge before the truth caught up with the lie in this case the truth will catch up with the lie," Burns said.

The NOPD released a statement: 'The police department has conducted this investigation in total transparency since its inception and recognizes the importance of the utmost accuracy in its findings. The Allens, as well as all of those involved in this incident, deserve a thorough, complete and fact-based investigation.'

The Allen family is frustrated because they say they have received little information from the Public Integrity Division of the NOPD, about the ongoing investigation.