Dreamy Weenies opened three weeks ago on North Rampart in New Orleans.  The co-owners know what’s cooking- hot dog diversity. No matter if you like your dog vegan, halal or kosher they’ve got a hot dog for you. 

“we throw them all in one spot, without mixing the pots,” co-owner  Ahmad Shakir explained the totally reliable manor in which the different dogs are kept separate.  For many being a vegan, vegetarian or only eating halal that means just that- and yet many places offer vegetarian and vegan options but all foods share the same fryer…and for those with food allergies this is more than just a moral predicament.  “we like to say our meat doesn’t chill where our veggies chill.”

Thus the dreamy weenie solutions, three fryers, three grills and separate utensils for all. In a town where Hot dogs are becoming huge- Dreamy Weenies is claiming its niche market.

As if this wasn’t enough- they aren’t just safe to eat for vegans, halal or kosher eaters- the dogs have gone NOLA.  With menu items like “the GenChili” “the Toulouse dog” “The Satchamo dog” and the “Arabi Dog.”

The dogs aren’t named that way for nothing either.  The “Toulouse Dog,” is served with latex gloves, because it’s so stuffed with barbeque shrimp sauce.  “The GenChili,” is their made from scratch chili dog. “The Satchamo dog,” well that’s a meal of a dog, a hot dog with red beans and rice on top!

New Orleans is not hurting for good hot dog joints, but Dreamy Weenies is a great place to go for those that want something fast but have food concerns- hot dogs for everyone as they say.