Guys, we love you, but sometimes ... well, you could use a little help from us girls in the beauty and grooming department. :) Some of the top complaints from the ladies: Combover, ingrown hair bumps, back hair, neck hair, and bad feet and toes!

Let's start with the hair. Want to stop hair loss? Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Sharon Meyer tells us forget all the gimmicks, the best non-surgical option around is still Propecia. I miligram a day (generic is finesteride) and you should be in good shape. Unfortunately insurance doesn't cover Propecia, which she says will usually run you about $84 a month. 

And if you are going bald, women and stylists in our very unofficial survey all agreed: Forget the combover! Do a Bruce Willis and cut it super short to the scalp, and you'll look suave and hip, as opposed to trying to cover what is very obvious to everyone around you.

Going grey way too early, and want to subtly cover it up? Forget that shoe polish looking dye, a lot of salons are offering grey blending services now for about $30.  Our tester Jeff liked the subtle, natural looking change from the service, and he especially loved that it took only 5 minutes.  The blend usually lasts from hair cut to hair cut, and should fade naturally without leaving a line.

Too much hair on the back? Ingrown neck hairs from shaving giving you problems? Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Mary Lupo says one of her favorite ways to get rid of growth for good, is with the High Speed Lightsheer Duet from Lumenis. She says this laser is great because it uses a new vaccum assist technology that's relatively pain free. She says it's also much quicker than a lot of other laser treatments. Here's some more info provided by the company Lumenis:

Key Points about the High Speed LightSheer® Duet™

Efficiently facilitates and optimizes treatment anywhere on the body, large or small:

• Includes LightSheer technology, rated ‘most used’, ‘best overall’ for light-based hair removal by aesthetic practices worldwide.

• Combines the gold standard with exciting speed and amazing comfort.

• Includes two optimal 800nm diode laser systems on one versatile platform - LightSheer ET and LightSheer HS.

Your dermatologist can tell you how many treatments you'll need, and what the expected cost should be, depending on how big the treatment area is.

And finally....about those feet! Guys we know most of you (especially here in South Louisiana) love being outdoors, and not paying attention to whether your feet are soft and supple.  But we promise...real men do get pedicures! If heading to a salon for the treatment isn't your style, there are some great home pedicure kits on the market, a lot of them for under $20.  Our ladies all agreed nice toenails and feet will definitely make us want to cuddle up to you more. :)

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