The Department of Health and Hospitals quickly closed oyster harvesting area 23 (see graphic at left) Tuesday and also ordered a recall of oysters harvested from that area since April 6.

Fourteen people have reported getting sick with the norovirus after eating raw or undercooked oysters at a New Orleans restaurant around April 28 or 29. DHH says that they will not release the name of the restaurant in question because it is an oyster bed issue, not a restaurant issue.

The illnesses were not life threatening and no one was hospitalized.

A total of 1,141 sacks of oysters are involved in the recall; 80 of those were kept in the New Orleans area. The rest went to Texas, Maryland and Georgia. DHH reports all affected regions of the country have been notified and the oysters are expected to be destroyed.

If you think you have gotten sick from eating raw or undercooked oysters, you're encouraged to call 1-800-256-2748.

Oyster harvesting area 23 will remain closed for 3 weeks.