New Orleans Saints DB Corey White

Conference Call With New Orleans Media

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Q: Does it excite you to know that you are coming to a place that has had success taking a chance on smaller school players?

A: “The Saints are a great team. They do a great job in the draft every year. It doesn’t matter where you come from, big school or small school. As long as you, the player, have the right intentions going in to camp, you will be fine.”


Q: How much cornerback did you play? Do they see you as a safety?

A: “I played three years of corner. I am not sure, I haven’t talked to them yet. I am sure they will try me out at corner first and maybe move me to safety later on down the road.”


Q: Did you play safety or corner last year?

A: “Corner.”


Q: Can you talk about the combine experience and what you did to prepare? How do you think you did?

A: “It was a great experience. Just to be around the top players in the nation, it was a great experience. I feel like I did very well in all of the categories, in all of the position drills. And the interviews. I did well in all of it. I felt good about the combine.”


Q: What did you run in the 40-yard dash at the combine?

A: “4.47 at the combine.”


Q: What about at your pro day?