Volunteer at City Park

"Caring must strengthen into commitment and commitment into action if we are to preserve and nurture one of the greatest forces for rebirth and renewal this nation has... Volunteerism."
-- Marlene Wilson

Contact Information

Our temporary office is located at City Park Tennis Center on Victory Avenue.

Our phone number and mailing address are:

New Orleans City Park
1 Palm Drive
New Orleans, LA 70124
(504) 482-4888
email: info@nocp.org

Visitor and General Information
info: neworleanscitypark.com
email: info@nocp.org
(504) 482-4888

Robert Becker, Chief Executive Officer
email: bbecker@nocp.org

Rob DeViney, Chief Operating Officer
email: rdeviney@nocp.org
(504) 482-4888

John Hopper, Chief Development Officer
(Fundraising and PR)
email: jhopper@nocp.org
(504) 259-1509

Adrienne Moore, Controller/Finance
email: amoore@nocp.org

George Parker, Chief Administrative Officer
email: gparker@nocp.org
(504) 483-9359

Athletic Services
Tony Biagas, Director
email: abiagas@nocp.org
(504) 483-1720

Botanical Garden and Park Horticulture
Paul Soniat, Director
info: Botanical Garden homepage
email: garden@nocp.org
(504) 483-9386

Human Resources
Denise Joubert
email: hr@nocp.org
(504) 483-9388

Recreational Services
(Storyland & Amusement Park)
Lisa Laraway, Director
info: Carousel Gardens Amusement Park
info: Storyland
email: llaraway@nocp.org

Special Events, Film and Photo Permits,
& Celebration in the Oaks
Julie LaCour, Director
info: Special Events page
info: Film & Photo Permit page
info: Celebration in the Oaks homepage
email: jlacour@nocp.org
(504) 483-9415

Special Services (Weddings/Rentals/Catering)
Pat O'Shaughnessy, Director
info: Facility Rental
email: poshaughnessy@nocp.org
(504) 488-2896

Jim Morrison
info: Volunteer Information
email: jmorrison@nocp.org
(504) 483-9459

email: webmaster@nocp.org

Other Contacts

Friends of City Park
info: friendsofcitypark.com
email: friends@friendsofcitypark.com

New Orleans Museum of Art/ Besthoff Sculpture Garden
info: noma.org
(504) 658-4100

Equest Farm (Stables)
info: equestfarm.com
(504) 483-9398