New Orleans -- Congress passes a $787 billion stimulus package. Although not all of the state's congressional delegation likes the idea.   

The package is expected to bring around $4 billion to the state to help fund educational programs, law enforcement and infrastructure, among other things. But, not all of our representatives are in favor of the bill. As an advisor for Congressman Joseph Cao tells us, he thinks its just too much spending, spending that will push our country further into debt.

Republican Congressman Joseph Cao has said many times he's not a traditional Republican. ABC 26 political analyst Jeff Crouere says that's why Cao surprised many in Washington when he voted against the stimulus package.  "This is maybe the biggest issue that Cao could have had where he could have showed his independence from the republican party and voted more in line with how the majority of his district feels on the issue but he didn't do it" Crouere says.

Crouere thinks is all came down to just how much money Cao's district, the 2nd district, would have received with the bill. Crouere explains, "I think he just did not like the bill. After he looked at it he just saw in there not enough for his district."

While Cao voted against the package, a number of local officials here are praising it. Lafourche Parish Sheriff Craig Webre was told by Vice President Joe Biden, law enforcement agencies would receive additional funding.

Joseph Cao wasn't the only person who voted against the stimulus package. Congressman Steve Scalise and Senator David Vitter voted the same way. The rest of our congressional delegation from this part of the state voted for the package.